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By | December 11, 2015

Send funny messages and sayings for your friends on Christmas and share the below greetings are whatsapp and facebook statuses. Wish your family members on Christmas using the below funny greetings of Christmas.

2015 funny merry christmas greetings

2020 Funny Merry Christmas greetings

Live long, enjoy well, have fun and I wish you a very happy and merry Christmas.

Christmas light, on the night, makes your life bright. Have a merry Christmas my dear friend.

Kids get lazy all the time but they will be active on Christmas night waiting for the Santa. Wish Santa to appear all along the year as your kids will be active all the time.

Let the fun begin during this festive season and I wish your life to be happy all the time filled with success. Have a great Christmas along with your family.

Break the laziness on the eve of Christmas and be active as you have to spend all the day along with your family to celebrate this eve.

Christmas comes once in a year,
Santa comes and disappear,
Make your wish and he will hear.
Merry Christmas.

2015 funny merry christmas greetings 1

Christmas is the time to drive away laziness and hatred from your body and heart. Be fresh and start a new and colorful life.

Spread the joy all around and have fun with your children on the Christmas Eve. Make this Christmas memorable.

Drive away hatred from your sacred heart and make it rich by spreading happiness and kindness all around the people on the eve of Christmas.

Dedicate this Christmas to your family and spend the time with them. Escape from buying expensive gifts for your family by making them smile with your smartness.

Wish the Santa to come soon before you purchase the gifts for your kids. Merry Christmas for you and your family.

Be with your friends on the eve of Christmas and spread the fun all around you. Have a happy and merry Christmas.

Present yourself as a beautiful gift for your wife on the Christmas and say her that a diamond is not expensive than her beautiful smile.

Begin a new life on the eve of Christmas and wipe off all your past. Have a bright life and I wish you a merry Christmas.

May this Christmas make you rich enough to buy the gifts your family needs. As I wished for you, you need to buy a gift for me too.

Never compel your children on the Christmas Eve. Let them do what they want and have fun with them.

I wish Santa to appear in your home and give gifts. Whenever I wish something, my wish will be reversed. Have a joyful Christmas.

Never look at the price tag on gifts on the eve of Christmas. Just buy them and make your family members happy and I wish a merry Christmas for you and your family.

If Santa is seen in streets, then invite him to your home and give a gift. In return, demand more gifts from him and celebrate the Christmas with more joy.

2015 funny merry christmas greetings 2

Control your anger on the Christmas as you may spoil the fun on this eve. Be with smile and have a merry Christmas.

May your life filled with joy and fun, may this Christmas bring you happiness in ton, and I wish you a merry Christmas first in the town.

Santa comes and goes,
Gives away lots of gifts,
In return give your smiles.
Have a splendid Christmas this year.

Never relax on the Christmas Eve; you have a lot of work to do. Don’t even miss a single funny moment of the Christmas and I wish you to have a memorable Christmas.

If your kid demand for a gift on Christmas, then take your kid out along with you on the Christmas and make him search for Santa.

Have a beautiful Christmas this year and I wish you to buy a gift for me as I am your best friend. Have a merry Christmas.

Decorate the home with lights and attract the Santa. Involve your kids in decorating the home and make them busy instead of waiting for Santa arrival.

Santa Santa come very Soon,
I am waiting for you from the noon,
Bring my gift before clouds closes the moon.

Santa seems to be relaxing all the year except on the Christmas Eve, but he will be very busy packing gifts all the year.

2015 funny merry christmas greetings 3

Go to shopping on the eve of Christmas and make your wife to pay the bill. Then this could be a memorable merry Christmas for you.

Spend the Christmas Eve with your loved ones and spread the joy all around. Have a beautiful and merry Christmas.


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