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By | December 11, 2015

Make everyone smile on the eve of Christmas by wishing them Christmas greetings 2020. Use the below funny greetings as sayings and send messages to your friends as SMS. Use them also as funny facebook and whatsapp statuses.

2015 Funny christmas greetings

2020 Funny Christmas Greetings –

Be crazy and funny on the eve of Christmas and bring up the smiles in the faces of your family members and have a joyful Christmas.

I wish the God to drive away laziness from my friend on the Christmas. Have a blast on this Christmas Eve.

Follow the traffic rules and reach the home in time to celebrate the eve of Christmas with your family members.

Make fun on your friends with healthy jokes and have a joyful and cheerful Christmas.

Don’t make your kids cry on the Christmas and buy whatever they want. If they ask for expensive gift, then make them pray the Santa for gift.

2015 Funny christmas greetings 1

Keep away all your daily routine works aside on the eve of Christmas and try to enjoy each and every moment on this festive season.

Complete the given tasks within time in the office and don’t make yourself busy with office work on the eve of Christmas. Spend the time with your family and be blessed.

Don’t shout on your kids on the Christmas as they may get angry and become upset on this joyful day. Make them happy all the time and have a happy Christmas.

Pray for the Santa to bring a expensive gift for you and the Santa may appear in your neighbor’s home and waves to you saying, ‘meet you next year’.

Purchase small gifts and give it to your children by wearing Santa costume. If they ask for more, then just disappear.

Never go for shopping with your girlfriend during Christmas Eve as you may have to purchase her the most expensive gifts.

2015 Funny christmas greetings 2

Shop for yourself on the Christmas and enjoy the eve all along with your family. But both the things may not happen at the same time, as you may get kicked when your family came to know about your self shopping.

Hug the Santa on the Christmas and don’t leave him until he gives gift for you.

Christmas comes once in a year and so Santa. So, make him stay in your home so that you may get all the gifts from him.

Don’t drink heavily on the eve of Christmas as you may lose the place in the home to spend the night happily.

Spend the eve of Christmas with your family and let everyone tell jokes to spread the joy.

Make your kids happy on this eve of Christmas and if they demand for expensive gifts then search for the Santa around and make him appear before your kids.

Life is little, but Christmas night is very long as kids are awake for Santa and they will not let you sleep.

May the Santa brings you lot of joy in your face on this Christmas Eve.

Don’t eat heavily on the Christmas as it may make you stick to the bathroom. Eat in limit and be fit.

If you failed to buy a gift for your wife on the Christmas maintain a good distance from her in the home as she may throw things at you.

Fulfill the dreams of you and wish for wellbeing of the others. This could be a best thing to do on Christmas instead of buying the expensive gifts.

Make your kids complete their homework in time before the Christmas and help them if needed. Make them enjoy every second on the Christmas Eve.

2015 Funny christmas greetings 3

Don’t waste the time in playing games on the Christmas as you can play them afterwards. Enjoy the festive season with your friends and family members.

If your kids pray for the expensive gifts on the Christmas, then you may have to pray for the more cash.

Kids think Santa job is very easy as he may work just for one day and relaxes all the year.

Let the kids enjoy all the time during this Christmas Eve and you wish them to forget Santa. As if Santa fails to appear, then you may have to purchase the gift.

Dear Santa, please don’t forget to bring a most expensive gift for me and come as early as possible.

Hope for success in the life and always wish for expensive gift for Christmas from Santa.

Make this Christmas memorable and enjoy every moment happily with everyone. Have a great and cheerful Christmas.


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