2020 Christmas Greetings – Messages, Images, Pictures, Text

By | December 11, 2015

Christmas is here and be ready to wish your friends and family. Use the greetings below and wish your friend a very happy Christmas. Even you can use the below greetings as sms and you can put them as whatsapp and facebook statuses.

Send message to your friends on Christmas Eve and wish them. A wish will bring smiles on the faces of your loved ones and so wish them using the below greetings and sayings.

2015 christmas greetings

2020 Christmas Greetings

May this Christmas bring joy and happiness in your life and I wish you to fulfill all your dreams on this Christmas.

Christmas this year will bring lots of happiness to you and your family. Have a merry Christmas.

Love and joy will spread all over the world on this Christmas and have a great Christmas this year.

Christmas unites everyone and spreads the message of equality. Enjoy the eve with all the people and make this Christmas memorable.

Fill the hearts with joy and spread the kindness all around for this Christmas.

Celebrate the eve of Christmas along with your family and share the happiness for everyone to make the Christmas memorable.

2015 christmas greetings 1

Have a joyful Christmas this year and enjoy the day with blessings of your parents.

Serve the poor all the times and always be kind to the people. May this Christmas adds light to your life and makes you walk in the dark path.

Hope and faith are the secrets of the success and never lose them in life. Celebrate this festive season with everyone and make a memorable Christmas.

Fulfill all your wishes and desires on this Christmas and be blessed all the time. Pray for others wellbeing and be happy in life.

Greet the people on the eve of Christmas and bring smiles on their faces. Drive away sadness on this eve by making everyone smile.

2015 christmas greetings 2

Never let any trouble stop you in the life, face the trouble with strong will and enjoy the happiness in real life. May this Christmas give you abundant hope and faith, and makes your life beautiful.

Happiness is within you and don’t search for it anywhere. I hope you realize the true happiness on this Christmas.

Share your kindness to the needy people and add value to their lives. May this Christmas lights up your life and makes you more confident.

Enjoy the eve of Christmas with your loved ones and bring smiles on their faces.

Make your life beautiful and happy all the time. Have a splendid Christmas this year.

Spread the peace all around and drive away hatred with your beautiful smile. This could be a best thing to do on the Christmas Eve.

Light up the darkness in your life on this Christmas Eve and live a bright life all the year.

Decorate your home beautifully along with your family and have fun on the Christmas. Help others all the time and live a meaningful life.

May this Christmas brings up smile on your face and makes you happy all the time.

Gift your smile to the people around you as it could make them happy. Have a beautiful Christmas.

2015 christmas greetings 3

The best gift for your parents on this Christmas Eve would be your presence with them. Spend every moment on the Christmas with your parents and bring happiness in their hearts.

A warm wish for my pal on this Christmas and I wish all your dreams come true on this eve.

Wish for others happiness and help them all the time whenever needed. May this Christmas give you the abundance strength to lead the happy life.

A happy and prosperous Christmas for my friend and I hope you to enjoy each and every moment in your life with hope and faith all the time.

Take care of your health and be active all the time. May this Christmas give you a good health and strength.

Love the life, wipe out hatred, have faith. These are the three best gifts I could give it you on the eve of Christmas.

May the God be with you all the time and have a very happy and prosperous Christmas.

I wish you to enjoy this Christmas Eve all along with your family and make it memorable.

Bring your friends and family together in the eve of Christmas and spread the joy and happiness.

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